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Готовые персонажи для игры Тёмное Око

Готовые персонажи для игры Тёмное Око Are you a Russian-speaking role-player who is interested in exploring the world of The Dark Eye? Great, because this publication offers 6 ready-made characters to make it easy for you to start. Not only do they cover the most typical heroic profiles of the fighters, magical and social characters, but they are also fully equipped with all the information required to play them. These characters expand the repertoire offered by the Quickstart and are tailored towards the adventures of the Heldenwerk series published in Russian. These are 2 fighter characters, 2 magic characters, and 2 social characters. A team of Russian fans of The Dark Eye and Aventuria is happy and proud to present the result of many months' work, and we would love to receive feedback from you on how you find the idea and the characters as well as what you think we could improve. Have fun!